Welcome to the REgeneration!

WhatIF Foods is REimagining foods and REimagining our future. We are taking sustainability to the next level - through REgeneration – the WhatIF Way, by creating foods that are fun, flavorful, and healthy for everyone! 

This is how we do it

We are building a value chain from the ground up (literally), creating delicious and convenient food for you. Because you deserve better, our soils deserve better, and our farming communities deserve better.

The WhatIF Way

We REplenish by making foods full of natural nutrients preserved from the ingredients we use. We REstore by using crops grown with regenerative practices. We REconnect by designing our supply chains to empower farmers.

BamNut Milk

The tastiest, creamiest milk that wins over any other milk made from a nut, bean, grain or udder! Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself!



Vibrant colors and awesome flavors to brighten up any meal. But that’s not all. Find out why in the button below.


Can't decide which flavor? Then try 'em all with our All-in-one Noodbox!

The REgenNation

“To me, wellness is about striking a balance and WhatIF Foods allows us to eat healthy without scrimping on the taste — positive for the planet and positive for your body”

Joshua Woo

and Natalie Yeo

“I love WhatIF’s BamNut noodles, from the texture and flavours, to the colours. I can now enjoy instant noodles whilst knowing that it can be a nutritious meal.”

Charlotte Mei

“WhatIF Foods has shown us how we can nourish our bodies with food that can also help sustain the planet and help farming communities too.”

Hossan Leong

Where else to find us

Do you see what we see?

Whether you're stepping onto your skateboard, or just stepping into your PJs, YOU have the opportunity to be part of this positive change!

Just by eating your granola together with BamNut milk, or by slurping a bowl of yummy chewy BamNut noods, you’re enabling us to keep doing the most we can in the background, leaving you to focus on what matters most to you - fulfilling YOUR dreams!


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