It's time to


What if...

sustainability is not enough?

Today, the agri-food industry manufactures empty calories, leaves behind empty lands, and empties the livelihoods of communities. It's time to REplenish, REstore and REconnect!



We are disrupting a 60-year old deep-frying process using a patented air-frying technology.


Try all of our noodles, all in one convenient

package for your pleasure.



Plant milk that is unrivaled in product performance, nutritional profile, and sustainability.

The REgenNation

"To us, wellness is about striking a balance and WhatIF Foods allows us to eat healthy without scrimping on the taste - good for the planet, and good for you!" 

Joshua Woo & Natalie Yeo


WhatIF Way

We REplenish

We make nutritious foods full of natural nutrients preserved from the ingredients we use. We aim to deliver balanced diets to everyone through innovative and accessible products.

We REstore

We use crops grown with regenerative practices in all our products. In doing so, we promote the adoption and preference for regenerative agricultural practices across the value chain.

We REconnect

We design our supply chains to empower farmers. We work closely with farming communities through outreach programs to facilitate bilateral knowledge exchange.

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