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BAMnut's Resistant Starch: A Game Changer for Gut Health and Blood Glucose Control!

Elevate gut health and blood glucose control with WhatIF BAMnut products, rich in natural resistant starch. Explore delicious recipes for a healthier body and planet.

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November is National Diabetes Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for diabetes management and preventing related health issues. One key aspect of effectively managing blood glucose levels involves focusing on dietary fiber and gut health. Researchers have only recently discovered the extent to which the gut biome impacts different systems of the body and overall health. As a result, gut health is getting more attention than ever before. Comprising trillions of microscopic organisms, our gut biome is foundational to immune health, digestion and nutrient absorption, metabolism, preventing or reducing inflammation, and the endocrine system. 

It’s often referred to by healthcare experts as the "second brain” as it affects the ‘gut-brain axis’ and may play a role in various neurological, behavioral, and mood disorders, as well as nerve pain and other conditions. In short, taking care of your gut is paramount to mental and physical wellness.

So, how can you improve gut health? For starters, you can consume probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, and the ultimate tribiotics or symbiotics. Prebiotics are the food that helps produce probiotics in the gut, and postbiotics are the byproduct of that process. The combination of all three, pre, pro, and post, is called tribiotics. Symbiotics, on the other hand, are a unique blend of both prebiotics and probiotics that are designed to improve gut health. 


Many people take supplements to get these powerful pre-, pro- and postbiotics, but what if… there is a food that naturally contains the ability to provide all three? Enter: the Bambara groundnut, a.k.a. the BAMnut. There are different types of fiber, but one of the most impactful is called resistant starch. Resistant starch is a type of fiber that remains intact throughout the digestive process and naturally provides prebiotics that serve as food for probiotics and result in the formation of postbiotics in the gut upon consumption.

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Most foods have added resistant starch into the ingredients to add it to the food’s nutrient profile, but WhatIF Foods’ milk and noodle products are naturally packed with a high amount of resistant starch. In fact, on average, about 20-30% of BAMnut starch is resistant starch. This resistant starch helps to reduce and regulate blood glucose control.

If you’re looking for natural ways to improve your gut biome and blood glucose control to ultimately reduce the risk of diabetes and prevent diabetic health problems, check out these delicious and nutritious recipes with WhatIF BAMnut milk and instant noodles as their base ingredients. You’ll not only be helping your gut and blood glucose control but also the overall health of your body and the health of the planet!

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