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A Better Better
Planet-Based Foods Are The “Better Better!”

WhatIF Foods is the first food company that considers ALL aspects of the entire food process and not just trading one lesser-than-healthy ingredient for a slightly better one.

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By now, most people have heard of plant-based foods, sustainable foods, and more are now learning about regenerative foods, but how about “planet-based” foods…what exactly is that?

It’s the ultimate best of all “worlds” as “THE Better Better,” and until now, no other food manufacturers approach it like the WhatIF Way! As a Registered Dietitian, WhatIF Foods is the first food company that I know that considers ALL aspects of the entire food process and not just trading one lesser-than-healthy ingredient for a slightly better one. WhatIF Foods has a mission to set the bar for producing “The Better Better” of all foods they create with every step in the process from growing the Bambara groundnuts, harvesting the crops, the all-natural ingredients that go into their products, the reduction in carbon footprint and conservation of precious resources such as water. 

Planet-based foods are regenerative in EVERY way!

Regenerative, meaning it is designed to restore and makes things BETTER, not just sustainable. The amazing Bambara groundnut not only can grow in very dry, hot arid climates, but also requires only about 25% of the water that is required for tree nuts, making it the CEO Bossnut!! This little but mighty nut grows long roots in the ground that produce nitrogen, regenerating and healing the soil, so all kinds of foods grown in it will have a richer, better nutritional composition. This regeneration provides nutritious foods today, tomorrow and for future generations. (The aliens are excited about this!)

Once the Bambara nut has been harvested, even the hard, protective shell is regenerated into biochar by a process known as pyrolysis by WhatIF Foods. This Biochar is utilized as a natural fertilizer for the soil instead of harsh chemicals, nurturing the earth and all foods grown in it, creating healthier products, healthier people and a healthier planet! The other amazing thing with Biochar is that this process actively enables the removal and sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere. 

All these reasons are why as a dietitian I’m excited about BAMnut!

I love being able to help people improve the quality of their lives through nutrition all while making everything better in the process. I recommend BAMnut products for all the healthy benefits it provides for people and the planet. It’s not just a feel-good decision, it’s a decision that produces tangible results improving health through foods with better nutritive value, better soil for future crops of all foods grown in it, better conservation of natural resources which improve the planet.

BAMnut planet-based foods are not only about producing foods in a way that makes the planet better, heals the soil, provides foods richer in nutrition, regenerates everything in the process, but it is about a mindset that doesn’t just think about today’s needs, but also what will meet today’s needs while simultaneously creating a better planet in every way for future generations.

It is making choices today that invests in tomorrow’s health for every person, more nutritious foods, richer more nutritious soil and ultimately for our planet that will reap healthful dividends in many ways for potentially millions of people and for a “Better Better” planet in the centuries to come! 

So now, I challenge you to join the regeneration movement with WhatIF Foods, and make The “Better Better” choice for you and your family to switch to BAMnut today, you’ll love it and so will your great-great-great-great grandchildren!


Melissa Hooper (MS, RDN), Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice.

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