Moringa Noodles - A Green Bowl of Goodness!
Moringa Noodles - A Green Bowl of Goodness!

WhatIF Moringa Noodles 

Moringa, is also known as the drumstick tree native to the Indian subcontinent. It is the extract from Moringa leaves that gives our noodles that wonderful lush green colour. But, they are not just green in colour alone.

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WhatIF BamNut Moringa Noodles feature another regenerative crop. Its namesake, Moringa, is also known as the drumstick tree native to the Indian subcontinent. It is the extract from Moringa leaves that gives our noodles that wonderful lush green color.

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But, the WhatIF BamNut Moringa Noodles are not just green in color alone!

'Green' Nutritionally

'Eat your greens!' - You probably heard this all the time from nutritionists, health ads, or more familiarly, your mom. 'Greens' or vegetables are important because they contain plenty of fibers, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Basically, all the good stuff.

Thanks to our proprietary air-fried technology, we are able to squeeze the benefits associated with 'eating green' into our instant moringa noodles. Since our WhatIF Noodles do not go through the deep-frying process that most instant noodles in the market do, they have substantially lower fat content, 69% less saturated fat, to be exact. On the same token, by avoiding exposure to the harsh frying temperature, we can effectively harness the natural benefits of Moringa - a crop widely used in traditional herbal medicines across many cultures due to its nutritive properties in the form of noodles.

By combining our non-fried technology with the naturally nourishing Moringa leaves, WhatIF Moringa Noodles are an ideal convenience food for everyone.

Lower in saturated fat and 179% higher in fiber content compared to other popular noodle brands, WhatIF Moringa Noodles are greener and healthier for you.

Average of four popular noodle brands (per 100g)

WhatIF Moringa Noodle (per 100g)


471 kcal

409 kcal


8.9 g

11.5 g

Total Fat

20.5 g

8.9 g

Saturated Fat

10.2 g

4.6 g

Dietary Fiber

1.8 g

4.2 g


1004 mg

740 mg

Table 1. Nutritional Comparison between WhatIF Moringa Noodle and other popular instant noodle brands in Singapore. WhatIF Moringa Noodles’ key stats: over 2 times more dietary fiber, with half the fat content.

‘Green’ Ecologically

Our criteria for a regenerative crop to be incorporated into our products go beyond their nutritive properties. The crop also has to be resource-efficient and climate change-resilient. On top of its impressive nutritive properties, Moringa possesses some impressive ecological benefits as well in our WhatIF Foods Moringa Noodles.

Here are 3 Reasons Why We Love Moringa Noodles:

1. Hardy and Drought-Tolerant

Moringa is a hardy, drought-tolerant crop that can survive in harsh drought and conditions where water supply is limited.

2. Carbon Dioxide Absorption

Moringa has shown superior ability in absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide, 20 times higher than the general vegetation, to be precise. This means the plant aids in the reduction of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

3. Soil Quality Improvement

It acts as a natural solution to improving soil quality! Extracts from the plant can be used as bio-fertilizers to promote the growth of other plants. And its fast-growing trunk also helps prevent soil erosion in areas exposed to strong winds.

Not only do WhatIF Noodles nourish you with its special nutritional profile, by using regenerative agricultural practices, our noods also help restore degraded lands. Plus, with our close work and partnership with farming communities, we are also learning to reconnect and exchange knowledge with more and more communities.

This is what our team at WhatIF Foods call regeneration!

And ‘Green’ Moringa Noodles on Your Plate!

Oh. We can’t forget to talk about the taste. Our team has gone through thousands of tasting sessions to formulate an MSG-free, umami packed, and fragrant seasoning to pair with the WhatIF Moringa Noodles. We make a commitment to incorporate good quality spices and herbs to allow for a flavourful experience, without relying too much on salt like the majority of instant noodles out there. We are big foodies too and wouldn’t ask you to make any compromise—especially on taste!

Have we told you they also look great on Instagram?

Check out our recipe section for some ideas!

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