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The BAMnut Makes its Entrance
โ€” 12/15/2023

WhatIF Foods started as a technology incubator and has transformed into a climate tech company advancing the food industry by combining nutrient-dense food products with regenerative agriculture.

Over the last several years, we’ve watched the plant milk market grow from soy and almond to hemp seed, peas and everything in between. Today, we are focusing on the Bambara groundnut, a nutrient-dense legume originating in West Africa, first brought to our attention by WhatIF Foods. They’ve partnered with more than 50 communities around Tamale in Ghana where there are more than 6,500 registered farmers, all following regenerative agricultural practices to produce the plant used in BAMnut Milk (available in Airy, Everyday and Barista) and BAMnut (instant) Noodles. Below, Co-Founder & CEO Christoph Langwallner breaks down the nutritional and environmental benefits in each.

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