News Release - WhatIF Foods Planetiers World Gathering 

WhatIF Foods to discuss the relevance of regenerative business and positive change in The Planetiers World Gathering.

October 26, 2022

WhatIF Foods shared its voice on the importance of regenerative business practices and positive social impact on October 26, 2022 at the world’s biggest event for sustainable innovation, The Planetiers World Gathering happened at Lisbon, Portugal.

Christoph Langwallner, co-founder and CEO of WhatIF Foods is a staunch believer that sustainability alone may not be enough to solve the planet’s woes due to industrialization and unsustainable business practices.

For Chris, what the world needs is no longer sustaining. Industry should instead focus on restoration and regenerative business. He exemplified this through his food brand, WhatIF Foods which uses an underutilized, yet substantially nutritious crop, the Bambara Groundnut, which has also been found to have regenerative properties that aid in soil regeneration.

Though many businesses have already opted for sustainable practices, Christoph urged them to take it a step further and not merely settle for going green or being more transparent. True change, for him, is about using regenerative principles and producing food that replenishes the nutrients we need.

It was great to hear Christoph’s insights on regenerative practices alongside other figures in impactul business and economics such as John Fullerton, impact investor and founder of The Capital Institute, Peter Wennström, founder of The Healthy Marketing Team and Scott Poynton, founder and CEO of the Pond Foundation. It was an uplifting event to listen to them pave the way towards the transformation of the food industry through the advocacy of new and innovative business practices.

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