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CNA - Race To Feed The World

The weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable and crops can no longer grow where they used to. What happens when we can no longer farm the food that we eat?

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Race To Feed The World - S1E2: Why Is The Weather So Erratic?

07 Jun 2021 10:00pm

About the show:

In the next 30 years, we need to produce more food than we have ever produced in human history. But Asia's food security is already under immense pressure. Land scarcity, climate change, plagues and diseases are reducing yields, devastating food supplies and taking away livelihoods. Yet, there is still hope.

Across Asia, there are scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs and activists racing to provide the food of the future. From China to the Philippines, Indonesia to India, meet offshore seaweed farmers, women activists, quirky entrepreneurs, cultured meat scientists and locust hunters as they push themselves to find new and innovative ways to farm and produce food. Each person has a different background, story and personal motivation, but all are united by the same goal: averting a major food crisis in the years to come.

Explore more at and follow them @whatiffoods.

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