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Regenerative Business in Action with WhatIF Foods Chris Langwallner

Regenerative Business in Action with WhatIF Foods Chris Langwallner

In this episode of the Inspirational Insights podcast, we are joined by WhatIF Foods CEO Chris Langwallner! Chris discusses how to create a regenerative business by taking sustainability to the next level: energizing and empowering farmers with insurance crops helps to diversify the food we consume and how we consume them. Thinking globally and acting locally can have huge impacts on how small businesses are working to regenerate hope for the future. Chris also talks about expanding your reach while still taking care of your employees. Human connection is key!

Chris offers:

  • The key to converting from linear thinking about how business gets done to a system-wide impact view.
  • How he prioritizes his time given the demands.
  • Why community relations are critical for everyone, including the business, to succeed.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in starting up companies worldwide. His expertise and unique perspective explain why he has bitten of the challenge of running a regenerative company in the food sector.

Explore more at and follow them @whatiffoods.

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