The WhatIF Way

by WhatIF Foods on November 08, 2021


We do things the WhatIF Way!

We rigorously apply the WhatIF Way to reinvent the way foods are being made.  The WhatIF Way is a framework guiding all decisions made at our organization. Fundamentally, the WhatIF Way outlines our approach to bettering the food systems through replenishing diets, restoring lands, and reconnecting with communities. 


We Replenish

We replenish diets. We preserve natural nutritive properties of the crops we use across our products through innovative processes and deliver them in accessible formats. In doing so, we aim to provide foods balanced in macro and micro-nutrients to empower people to replenish their diets without compromising on their favourite food choices. 

Take WhatIF Noods as an example. Our noodles are made using a patented air-frying technology that disrupts the 60-year-old deep-frying process that is used in almost 100 billion portions of instant noodles annually. The result is a healthier alternative with many benefits. As our noodles are not fried, they retain the natural nutritive properties of the Bambara groundnuts - making them high in plant protein and dietary fibres.

We Restore

We restore degraded lands. We do this by using crops grown with regenerative practices in all our products. In doing so, we promote our stakeholders to adopt and promote regenerative agriculture at every level of the value chain. The Bambara groundnut, a crop we love to feature, has nitrogen-fixing roots that can restore the degraded lands it is grown in. Our model projects that by replacing 3 billion servings of cow milk with 3 billion servings of BamNut M?LK, we’d be able to save CO2 emissions equivalent to 1,000 Boeing 737 flights around the world every year and save the water footprint equivalent to the annual drinking water needs of all North Americans*.

We Reconnect

Lastly, we design our supply chains to empower and reconnect with farming communities. We conduct outreach programs with our partnering farming communities to facilitate bilateral knowledge exchange. In doing so, we gain deep trust with our raw material suppliers and deep understanding of the diverse agri-food systems of different sourcing regions. These connections ensure what we do would sustainably benefit farming communities both economically and socially by bringing lives and livelihoods. 


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

This Aristotle's dictum inspired how we frame WhatIF Way. We live in an interdependent world where our life exists not in a vacuum, disconnected from our environment and community, but rather, we live in interconnecting communities with other people, animals, and greenery, all woven together. We cannot replenish without restoring, nor can we restore without reconnecting, or reconnect without replenishing. Our regenerative principles guide our actions as a whole, and only when all three pillars are supported can we truly change the status quo and bring about the ReGeneration.

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