7 Servings / RM 3.00 per Serving

Having a hard time deciding which WhatIF product is your new favourite?

Fear not - the WhatIF Taster Box contains all of our currently available products in special sample sizes. Designed for you to try them all!

It contains:
  • WhatIF Moringa Noodles
  • WhatIF BamNut Noodles
  • WhatIF BamNut Apple Cinnamon Shake
  • WhatIF BamNut Shake
  • WhatIF BamNut Ube Shake
  • WhatIF BamNut Tomato Soup
  • WhatIF BamNut Sweet Corn Soup

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Quick Facts

High Protein

Reduced Sugar


Cholesterol Free

Plant Based

Regenerative Crop


If you want to find out about the exact ingredient list for each product, please refer to the individual product pages.

Allergen Warning: Contains Bambara groundnut - a legume and related to peanuts and produced in a factory that also processes wheat.

  • Artificial Colors
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Cholesterol
  • Preservatives

WhatIF products are made this way!

The WhatIF Way


Nutritionally dense - high in protein and high in dietary fibres


Made with Bambara groundnuts


Bambara groundnuts sourced directly from small farms

The Old Way

Empty Calories

Low protein, high in sugar and sodium, artificial flavorings

Empty Lands

Extensive use of artificial ingredients

Empty Communities

Use commodity crops


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