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Delicious What If Foods Noodles for Uncompromised Yumminess

Noodles have become a versatile meal and a part of our culture for a long time. People generally associate the food with Asian countries, but noodles are popular all the world over. An average American consumes around 300-grams of noodles every day, according to research. That shows how common they are today in the diets of people worldwide. 

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What's the Healthiest Noodle on the Market?

People are growing conscious about their health with every passing day. They are making careful choices and taking care of what they eat and do. All over the world, we are experiencing a push for adopting healthy choices.

What If Foods is not behind in the race, but leading with healthy recipes with wonderful benefits. Our noodles are the healthiest in the market and care for your nutritional requirements. Our What If Moringa Noodles, for example, is air-fried and fully made from plants. It comes with 60% less fat than all products in the same category.

Additionally, what you buy is also cholesterol-free. And we use entirely natural ingredients.

You can also consider our BamNut Noodles made with a unique recipe. High in protein, our BamNut noodles are the right choice for weight-conscious folks. It is also air-fried and free of cholesterol. The product is also delicious, with a mouth-watering sweet and spicy flavoring.

We are always mindful of your health and ensure you get the best from us without any exceptions.

What are Noodles Made From?

They were traditionally made from wheat flour. Along with that, you need to add water and salt. Noodles may also contain oil, as they are fried before being dried and packed. They use very simple ingredients, and that's a reason for their affordability. 

The popularity made people search for innovative ingredients to make noodles. In Asia, many regions use rice as the main ingredient to make it. You can also find the use of other whole grains that make these more healthy. 

Additionally, you can also buy ones made from potatoes, peas, beans, and corn, or in our case, bambara groundnut and moringa. 

Today, you can get ramen noodles in all tastes and styles. For example, our What If BamNut Noodles pack lean-protein from plant sources. It also uses a yummy seasoning that contains herbs, spices, and soy sauce. 

You can also order our Moringa Noodles packed with sesame garlic seasoning. Additionally, our noodles contain 60% less fat than any other ones you may buy.

You can refer to the label of your pack for a complete list of ingredients. You will also be able to know the nutritional values from the same place.

Are Noodles Healthy?

Now, they are a common dish whether you're having lunch, dinner, or breakfast. We go for noodles day-in and day-out, without thinking twice about health considerations.

Traditionally, they are not among the healthiest foods. Traditional ones, for instance, don't contain enough nutrients to be considered a staple diet. Eating only Japanese ramen may be inadequate to fulfill your nutritional requirements, especially instant noodles.

The trick is to reach for healthy ramen available in the market. What If Foods knows how important health is and strives to make only healthy products. Our noodles are made from nutritious sources and depend on nature for providing a healthy meal. 

Additionally, you can create a nutritious meal in no time. You can easily incorporate sources of protein and nutrition by adding meat or vegetables. Our products contain plant-sourced protein and less fat compared to any other product. 

Another thing to look out for is the sodium content. Noodles contain high amounts of sodium that can cause health concerns if taken in excess. 

It's always best to stick to brands you trust, like What If Foods. We always have your interests in mind and put effort into keeping you healthy and thriving!

Are Noodles a Pasta?

Noodles and pasta look and taste very similar. That might lead many people to think the two things are the same. However, the truth is quite different!

They are not the same. The main difference is in the ingredients used to make the two items. Noodles generally use wheat or grains that produce a fine flour. They turn out soft when cooked and don't generally have a chewy texture. 

Pasta, on the other hand, is made from durum semolina flour. Durum semolina is not the same as wheat, so the inherent properties and taste are different. Fresh pasta can also be made with eggs, which is not the case for noodles.

Another difference is the use of salt. Noodles need salt during processing, while salt is added to pasta during cooking. 

Noodles generally have one shape. Pasta can be cut into any shape to create popular food items like macaroni and ravioli. Plus, did you know each shape of pasta has a specific name? 

The difference may not be so stark in many markets. In many countries, manufacturers use wheat flour for both pasta and noodles. However, countries like Italy have strict standards that manufacturers need to follow to make pasta.

 You can get authentic products by buying your groceries from reputed places. What If Foods is the right choice for foods made with proper standards and the highest quality. 

Why are Noodles So Bad for You?

We reach for these the moment we feel hungry. Many of us have it as part of our staple diet. But is that the right way to go about it? Will consuming this really harm you?

Traditional noodles are not very healthy. They are made from ingredients that are hardly nutritious. Wheat flour and seasonings, for one, don't count much to fulfill your nutritional requirements. 

However, you can take them in moderate amounts - they will not damage your health as long as you eat a healthy diet in conjunction with them. Additionally, this staple food for many also comes with a few micronutrients and vitamins.

Experts suggest choosing healthy noodles to stay healthy. For example, choosing ones made from whole grains may be better than refined flour. WhatIF Foods Noodles go a step further by including better ingredients like bambara groundnut and moringa. 

Traditional noodles from top brands often contain high amounts of sodium that can lead to adverse effects.

We recommend buying our healthy What If noodles collection for the healthiest results. Plus, they are a great source of protein and Iron (the moringa noodles have iron) to help make a nutritious meal. We have also done our part and included plant-based protein in our offerings. We have also put an effort to reduce fat content considering your growing waistline. We also reduced the amount of sugar dramatically.

You can safely have them as long as you are mindful of your nutritious needs. Plus, buy from health-conscious brands like What If Foods and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Why are Noodles from WhatIF Foods more Expensive?

Noodles are one of the most affordable food items in the world. You can get a pack for less than a dollar no matter where you live. But what makes our noodles more expensive?

There are a number of reasons that make instant ramen so affordable-

Air Fried

WhatIF Foods created our own air frying process that makes sure the noodles keep all of their nutrients and color. See the green in our moringa noodles? That is real.

Most companies deep fry their noodles which strip them of color and nutrients. If you see color, know that that is artificial coloring. 

Sustainable & Nutrient Dense Ingredients

We skipped the cheap, unhealthy, and unsustainable ingredients. That means we don’t use palm oil or MSG. Our noodles are made from highly sustainable crops like bambara groundnut and moringa. T

Our products are packed with plant based protein and our moringa variety has iron in it. 

No Cheap Tricks

With us, you don’t have to worry about:

  • artificial coloring
  • artificial flavors
  • artificial sweeteners
  • Preservatives
  • Palm oil
  • MSG

Get Your Noodles from WhatIf Foods

What If Foods presents the top-of-the-line noodles for your health and vitality. You can order our instant noodles with eyes closed without compromising your health or safety. We have only the most nutritious and delicious choices for you. 

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