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WhatIF Foods and Their Planet-Positive Mission

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WhatIF Plant Milk

I’d like to share the press release below with you in honor of November being World Vegan Month! While I am not a vegan or vegetarian, I am very, very interested in sustainability and healthy eating. For these reasons, I find myself drawn to many of the same delicious products my vegan/vegetarian friends (and my beautiful daughter Brittany) are drawn to.

I have not, yet, tried WhatIF Foods, but when I do I will add reviews to the self help blog and let you know all about them! Although the press release says they are available on Amazon, I’ve been unable (personally) to find them. They are absolutely on the WhatIF Website and Cergular (linked to below). ~ Joi (“Joy“)

WhatIF Foods and Their Planet-Positive Mission

Press Release and image used with permission.

WhatIF Foods is a “planet-positive” food and beverage company like no other. Their brand philosophy centers around a simple query: “What if sustainability is not enough?”.  WhatIF Foods seeks to transform the agri-food industry by advocating the practice of regenerative agriculture and lifestyle principles and practices to revive nature, restore lands and provide for the community. WhatIF Food’s planet-positive approach is a call to everyone to adopt a way of life that’s regenerative instead of simply being sustainable.

WhatIF Foods has completely integrated regenerative practices into its entire manufacturing and supply chain to replenish and restore natural resources — all while seeking to deliver balanced and healthy diets to everyone through their various natural, plant-based products.

The brand specializes in the production of noodles and plant milk products from a unique and underutilized West African crop known as Bambara groundnut or BamNut. Their products are available on their website, and select online retailers such as Cerqular.

WhatIF Foods is the only company in the world to utilize the Bambara groundnut in convenient food formats for the mass market. Their plant-based instant noodles are sold at $12.50 a pack which contains 5 noodles, oil and sauce sachets and seasoning packets, all of which are free of palm oil, artificial coloring and flavoring. WhatIF Foods’ BamNut Milk is offered in retail at $5.49 a carton and comes in three variants — BamNut Milk Airy, Barista and Everyday.

The Bambara groundnut was found to have special regenerative properties that allow it to rejuvenate depleted soils, essentially allowing the planet to recover itself. This low-maintenance, yet highly nutritious crop is central to everything that WhatIF Foods stands for in light of its advocacy to promote a healthy diet while transforming the agri-food industry and promoting regenerative business and agriculture.

Their many initiatives and innovations in regenerative agricultural practices haven’t gone unnoticed. WhatIF Foods is a finalist in the 2020 Liveability Challenge and part of the 2020 MIT Solve Class.

WhatIF Foods operates beyond being a food and beverage purveyor. The brand’s ultimate goal is to create a generation of regeneration advocates — passionately inviting people from all walks of life to join the #REgeneration. Learn more about their work and join the movement through their website and Amazon.

Explore more at and follow them @whatiffoods.

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