BamNut Noodles

$15.00 5 Meals / $3.00 Per Meal


Increase your lean plant-based protein intake with these guilt-free air-fried noodles. Each portion is high in protein and saves your waistline at least 1 tablespoon of oil per portion compared to market benchmarks. The Bambara groundnut featured in these noodles is a future-fit crop that is climate-resilient and can revitalise degraded farmland.

Add our Sweet Hot seasoning to the noodles for a delightfully spicy experience with a dash of caramel sweetness coming from traditional Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce).

Nurture yourself and our planet with every bite you take!

Preparation Suggestion:

  1. Add noodles to 500ml of boiling water and cook for just 3 - 5 minutes.
  2. Strain noodles and place in a bowl or on a plate.
  3. Add seasoning sauce and powder and mix well.
  4. Enjoy 😀
    100% plant-based Air fried
    Future Fit Crop
    Trans fat-free
    55% less fat Cholesterol free
    High Protein



    Ingredients you can read and pronounce!

    Noodle: Wheat flour, vegetable oils (coconut oil, sunflower oil), legume proteins (lupin and/or pea), Bambara groundnut (kacang bogor) flour, salt, guar gum, carbonates (potassium, sodium)

    Seasoning: Maltodextrin, spices and herbs (garlic, onion, chilli, paprika), Bambara groundnut (kacang bogor) flour, salt, sugar, soy sauce and hydrolysed vegetable protein powders, silica, yeast extract, shallot oil

    Sauce: Sweet soy sauce (sugar, soy extract, water, salt, caramel, citric acid, xanthan gum), chilli extracts, soy sauce (water, soy sauce powder, salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein)

    Oil: shallot oil

    WhatIF BamNut Noodles do not contain:  

    Artificial Colours
    Artificial Sweeteners
    Artificial Flavors
    Palm Oil
    Allergen Warning: This product contains soy, wheat, and Bambara groundnut - a legume related to peanuts.

    What's Inside 

    WhatIF BamNut Noodles package includes:
    We package in bulk to reduce our packaging waste.

     Happiness on a plate
    5x BamNut noodle cakes
    5x Sweet hot seasoning sachets

    5x Oil and sauce sachets


    Bamnut noodles nutrients

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