Sugar Palm Wood Spoon
Sugar Palm Wood Spoon
Sugar Palm Wood Spoon
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Sugar Palm Wood Spoon



WhatIF Foods is on a mission to save the world one meal at a time which also means that we want to eliminate single use plastic items. We'd love to encourage you to utilise our re-usable spoon and thereby minimise unnecessary plastic waste.

Our WhatIF Spoon has the size of a table spoon (~10g) which makes it easy to use and measure.

1 tbs / 10g


What is Palm Wood

Our WhatIF spoons are made from sugar palm wood. Sugar palms are one of the most typical cultivated trees in Cambodia and very much characterize the Cambodian landscape. Sugar palm trees are not grown in plantations but most Cambodian smallholders in rural areas plant and maintain a few trees around their houses or fields. The trees are used to produce a wide range of products: palm sugar, juice, beer, spirits, the fruits are consumed too – and of cause the timber of the sugar palm trees.

The wood has a wonderful texture. Sugar palm tree items are environmentally friendly and Naga Handmade/FTV is applying the highest ethical standards.

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    What's Inside

       1x WhatIF Palm Wood Spoon
      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester

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