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Nourishing, Mindfully Made and Criminally Creamy!

Our BamNut M?lk is a naturally nourishing milk alternative. One serving promotes our metabolic well-being with 7g of complete plant-protein, and with 500mg of Calcium, 2.5mcg of Vitamin D2 and 1.25mcg Vitamin B12. The Bamnut M?lk is also a source of fibre (4 g/serving) and is lactose-free.

It is the only mindfully made milk alternative. We harness the REgenerative agricultural benefits of the super resilient legume, Bambara groundnut, combined with an innovative process to achieve the smallest ecological footprint.

And, by the way, Baristas love it! Criminally creamy is what our product has been exclaimed to be. With a fine mouthfeel, it has excellent frothing properties in barista machines or coffee makers at home.


Our BamNut M?lk consists of only 6 ingredients:

Water, Bambara groundnuts, coconut oil, shea butter, calcium, vitamins (D2, B12)

WhatIF BamNut M?lk does not contain:


Artificial Colours
Artificial Sweeteners


Allergen Warning: Made in a factory that also handles milk and tree nuts. Bambara groundnut is a legume related to peanuts

What's Inside

     1L of sustainability in a glass

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