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CNA Luxury

Healthier instant noodles are possible – this Singapore entrepreneur developed it

Green Queen

Singapore Startup NamZ Launches Climate-Resilient Sustainable Food Brand

Asia Pacific Food Industry

What If… You Could Help Change The World, One Meal At A Time?

Eco Business

Amid a pandemic and belt-tightening times, smart food choices can bolster immunity; the key is to have a diverse diet and use your calories wisely by selecting micronutrient-filled foods.

The Super

Charmed Life

These instant noodles are healthy, high quality, and eco-friendly.What if instant noodles could actually be good for you, our planet as well as farming communities?

The Straits Times

Starting a food revolution by making instant noodles that are good for health and the planet. Healthy instant noodles may sound like an oxymoron, but not to Chris Langwallner.

The Sunday Times

A pandemic may have thrown global food supply chains into disarray, but new and innovative methods are reshaping food systems.

Money FM 89.3

Glenn van Zutphen talks to Chris Langwallner,Co-Founder & CEO WhatIF Foods as he shares how his company is taking a lead in changing the way we view nutrition and what Nutritional Paradox is all about as well as creating a future of affordable foods that nourish the well-being of all people..

Time Out Singapore

Vegan, healthy, and sustainable – a look at the future of convenience food. A local start-up is making instant food that’s actually good for you and the environment

Eco Business

We fell in love with the Bambara groundnut’: How a start-up is improving livelihoods of small farmers in Africa...

Food Navigator Asia

WATCH: Why the future of convenience foods is farmer, planet and consumer-friendly. WhatIF Foods, the consumer brand of Singapore-based food science company NamZ, has opened...


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