Apple Cinnamon Shake

15 Meals / $2.66 Per Meal


Naturally slightly spicy, the WhatIF Apple Cinnamon shake has a pleasantly balanced flavour. When you feel like you need something comforting or just need to warm up, reach for the WhatIF Apple Cinnamon Shake which is designed to be consumed cold or warm. 

Preparation Suggestion: 

For optimal results, we recommend blending 30 grams of apple cinnamon shake powder with 200 ml cold/warm milk of choice using a blender.

100% plant-based Low fat
High protein
Trans fat-free
Future Fit Crop
Cholesterol free
54% less sugar



Ingredients you can read and pronounce!

Apple Cinnamon Shake Powder: Bambara groundnut (kacang bogor) flour, oats powder, apple juice powder (blend of sucrose, apple juice, starch sodium octenyl succinate, malic acid, sodium citrate, apple flavour, caramel), plant proteins (lupin and/or pea, rice), flaxseeds, brown sugar, spices (black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom), citric acid

WhatIF Apple Cinnamon Shake does not contain:

Artificial Colours
Artificial Sweeteners
Palm Oil

Allergen Warning: Contains Bambara groundnut - a legume and related to peanuts and produced in a factory that also processes wheat.

What's Inside: 

WhatIF Apple Cinnamon Shake package includes:
We package in bulk to reduce our packaging waste

 Happiness in a glass
450g/900g Apple Cinnamon Shake Powder
1x scoop


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