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In the mood for noods...but having a hard time deciding which WhatIF noodles are your new favourite? Fear not - the WhatIF BamNut NoodBox contains all of our currently available noodles in special sample sizes. Designed for you to try them all!

Meet the heroes of our tasting box:

  • WhatIF BamNut Moringa Noodles with Garlic Sesame Seasoning
  • WhatIF BamNut Noodles with Sweet Hot Seasoning
  • WhatIF BamNut Pumpkin Noodles with Cheeky Curry Seasoning
  • WhatIF BamNut Charcoal Noodles with Shroom Pepper Seasoning

All of our products are 100% plant based, incorporate regenerative crops and are all around natural.

100% plant-based Natural

Regenerative Crops


Preparation Suggestion:

Please see individual product pages and find recipe inspirations right here. Enjoy 😀



Please refer to the nutritional label in the media gallery for exact ingredient list. 

WhatIF products do not contain:

Artificial Colours
Artificial Sweeteners
Palm Oil

Allergen Warning: Contains Bambara groundnut - a legume which is related to peanuts and produced in a factory that also processes wheat.

What's Inside

     Happiness in a Box
    1x BamNut Charcoal Noodle Cake
    1x BamNut Noodle Cake
    1x BamNut Moringa Noodle Cake
    1x BamNut Pumpkin Noodle Cake
    1x Sweet Hot Seasoning Package
    1x Garlic Sesame Seasoning Package
    1x Cheeky Curry Seasoning Package
    1x Shroom Pepper Seasoning Package

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    Made With Future Fit Crops

    All of our products are made with future fit crops. What are they? Future Fit crops are nutritionally dense, climate-resilient, and can grow in the most depleted soils. They bring a new source of income to places that rely on farming, but have soils that can't grow other crop types.

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