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Chrysanthemum Goji Berry Jelly

Chrysanthemum Goji Berry Jelly

This healthy, refreshing Chrysanthemum Goji Berry Jelly has a rich and creamy taste with the combination of chrysanthemum tea flavor, goji berries and BamNut Milk.
by WhatIF Foodson January 20, 2023
Halloween BamNut Milkshake Cocktails

Bloody Halloween BamNut Milkshake Cocktails

How’s your Halloween party this year? 🧟🧛🧟‍♂️
We had so much fun with our Milkshake cocktails made with BamNut Milk!
by WhatIF Foodson November 07, 2022
Easy Like Sunday Morning Chia Seed Pudding

Easy Like Sunday Morning Chia Seed Pudding

Fortified with proteins and minerals from the BamNut milk, this chia seed pudding guarantees starting the day right!

by WhatIF Foodson October 17, 2022
A milk-based cocktail with BamNut milk and spiced rum.

BamNut Shake with Spiced Rum

Loving a good milk-based cocktail, but want it dairy-free/lactose-free? Check out the BamNut Shake with Spiced Rum!
by WhatIF Foodson September 13, 2022
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