WhatIF Milk is made this way! The WhatIF Way

by WhatIF Foods on November 08, 2021

WhatIF plant milk is made this way! 

Our latest release, the BamNut M?lk is one of the products we have brought to the market by applying the WhatIF Way. The WhatIF BamNut M?lk is developed to preserve all the natural and beneficial characteristics of the Bambara groundnut— like its unique nutty notes and balanced nutritional profile— creating a plant milk that is unrivalled in product performance, nutritional profile, and sustainability. 

Nutritionally, the BamNut M?lk has the highest fibre content amongst all milks in the category with the equivalent protein content as cow’s and soy milk. Meanwhile, with the natural efficiency of the Bambara groundnut, BamNut Milk has significantly smaller water, land, and greenhouse gases footprints compared to dairy milk. Lastly, we source the Bambara groundnut used in the milk directly from farming communities in Ghana and Indonesia, in accordance with our pledge to reconnect these communities to meaningful livelihoods. 

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