What if...Sustainability is not Enough!

In 2018, 25 years after inventing the triple bottom line, Prof. John Elkington, recalled this “people, planet and profit” sustainability tool because he saw it delivering the wrong results.

Since industrialisation begun, the agri-food industry has been designed to achieve the highest productivity.

Today, it manufactures empty calories, leaves empty land behind, and empties the souls of communities. It inflicts pain rather than well being.

Isn’t it time to stop believing that doing the same things a bit greener and a little more transparent is going to change the world? It will not! Thus, we need disruptive ideas and not just the next plant-based brand, or a trendy vegan product, let alone a high-tech dream.

It is no longer about sustaining; it is about RE-storing.

What does that mean? We, at WhatIF Foods, made it to our mission to RE-invent the food industry category by category. We are the first food company that is founded on RE-generative principles – we were born this way, it is our DNA!

We make a nutritious basket of RE-generative foods. Foods that RE-plenish the nutrients we need throughout our busy days. We use crops that RE-generate land  that was left behind and we work with farming communities directly - we RE-connect. We believe in circular values because well being is interdependent – we need nature in cities, life in food, and purpose in communities.

WhatIF Foods are made this way!

Join us – be Gen-RE!

What if...Sustainability is not Enough!