Sustainable nutrition comes dressed in purple – meet your WhatIF Ube Shake

Sustainable nutrition comes dressed in purple!

Today’s urban life has rendered us more and more time-poor. Food, in this context, has reverted back to being primarily easy, convenient and efficient. The rise of fast food and the likes, nutrition notwithstanding, prospered in part because they responded so well to our generational shift, catering for the modern buzz of seemingly endless hype and hustle.

Yet, fast food has often meant a compromise on our health. Or as The Guardian denotes, ‘Fast food is the new tobacco’. With this realisation in mind, the urban life has also beckoned a need for convenient nutrition, staying healthy and sustaining our immune systems with little effort and time. And so, convenient foods must come hand in hand with nutrition, or more holistically, nourishment.

This is one of the reasons we have created our WhatIF Ube shake.
What if… we told you there is no compromise between convenience and health?

Immune supporting sustainable nutrition

We’ve done our research, so you don’t have to.

While Bambara groundnuts give our Ube shakes a balanced macronutrient profile and its much loved nutty flavour, our shakes are high in complete proteins from a balance of grain and legume proteins, and contain no artificial sweeteners.

We also focused on keeping the shake to approximately 100kcal per serving, so that it can also support you on your fitness journey!

Pro tip: If you can read everything on the label, you are good. No strange codes, no complicated names. Just straightforward nutrition. Nutrition, first and foremost, must be understandable to the people who would consume them.

Purple Yam-iness!

On top of its impressive nutritive properties, ube also possesses some impressive ecological benefits which is essential for our food security:

  1. Ube requires relatively low agricultural input (e.g. water, fertilizers and pesticides) like other roots and tubers[1].
  2. Ube can also tolerate adverse conditions such as droughts and pest infestations.

Considered a neglected and underutilized crop, otherwise known as orphan crops, Ube is part of the FAO’s list of Future Smart Foods, or what we call Future Fit Crops, to feed the world in the near future where we will be facing pressures of food security and nutrition security with rising populations and continuous decrease in arable lands. [2]

The base of the shake is also made from the nitrogen fixing Bambara Groundnut, another Future Fit crop, which helps remediate degraded lands. Instead of buying on demand, we have directly engaged with farmers to secure and purchase 75 tonnes of Bambara groundnuts, thereby carrying the risk of loss for people who are most susceptible to the effects of climate change and market fluctuations. This would allow our farmers to capture more of the value created.

Empower farming communities

There is another relentless need that comes hand in hand with convenient nutrition, however. And that is the need for our food to ensure fair profits for all and to take great care for the environment around us, simultaneously. Most recently, a New York Times article has written extensively on the climate migration, a large portion of which are farmers migrating to seek for better economic opportunities due to increasing crop failures, and we encourage you to read it.

Your versatile 3-minute pick-me-up

For your rushed wake-up call, fuel for your morning run, post-workout recovery meal or an afternoon slump re-booster, you are sure to fill yourself up with truly good nutrition that nourish us and the planet.

To make the WhatIF Ube Shake:

  1. Pour 200mL of your milk of choice into your blender,
  2. Add 30 grams of your WhatIF ube powder,
  3. And blend until smooth preferably with a blender!

Get creative!

The best thing about our shake may be its nutritional content, but the cool thing is what you can do with it!

Check out Francesca’s Dalgona Ube Coffee


Just blend, blend, blend away.

But don’t take our word for it - Taste it for yourself, add a little color to your day, and share your experience with us @whatiffoods with our community hashtag #myWhatIF!

To keep up with more information on nutrition in general, catch up on what our food system can look like or not only indulge in imagining a better future of food but to contribute to it, be sure to sign up to our mailing list!


[1] Chandrasekara A, Josheph Kumar T. Roots and Tuber Crops as Functional Foods: A Review on Phytochemical Constituents and Their Potential Health Benefits. Int J Food Sci. 2016

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Sustainable nutrition comes dressed in purple – meet your WhatIF Ube Shake